Malachi Music

                         Exclusive Interview

One thing to say.. HIPHOP. This man is skilled at his craft and will keep you listening intently. Incredible lyrics, incredible flow, and an overall dope artist. This kid can rhyme like no other, go vibe with this man.

Give us your bio

Who are your top 5 influences?

When are your new projects coming out?

What helped you get into music?

What is one thing you would tell your fans?

What are your biggest goals for 2016?

Eddie Lee (born November 7, 1995), better known by his stage name,”Eddie Malachi”, is a 20 year old rap artist from Chicago, Illinois. Malachi received buzz from his debut mixtape “Obsessive Thinker” released in January 2016. Growing up on Chicago’s west side, Malachi touches on the harsh realities on his mixtape Obsessive Thinker. With influences from Eminem to Drake, Malachi delivers music through sharp lyricism, rapid flows, and mello hyped instrumentals.
Early Childhood
As a child Malachi started off as a visual artist drawing comics and realistic self portraits at the age of six. During this young age he managed to get his hands on the Slim Shady Lp album and his interest quickly changed to hip hop music. At that age Malachi just enjoyed the rebellious spirit of hip hop but as he grew into his teenage years, the music started to mean more to him than just a way to feel dope. He began to relate to the lyrics of his favorite rappers growing up on the Chicago’s west, being surrounded by gangs and drugs and just looking for a way to get out.
Teenage years
Malachi needed to express his thoughts and the only way he knew how was threw lyrics. He wrote his first rap in 7th grade and decided to to test it in school around his peers. Due to a great response, a passion, a vision, and an urge to escape his surroundings he decided to pursue music. Malachi studied the art of rap strategically determined to be as good as his favorites. After much practice he decided it was time to look for local producers and hit the studio. At such a young he couldnt afford to pay for a session himself, therefore he asked his dad who  supported him since day one. His dad to help him with finances, but sadly he died a week later from a heart attack. Not only was Malachi devastated but his father was also his best friend. Due to this tradegy he had to delay his plans. Malachi graduated 8th grade that same year and went to high school.
High school years
Throughout his high school years Malachi continued to rap, battling countless other young rappers at his school and gaining a reputation for his skills as an mc. He joined the school band his sophomore year in high school to further hus knowledge on the fundamentals of music. In band he played trumpet and french horn still honing his skills as a ln artist. Through band Malachi met a fellow trumpet player and friend Chris Essex who made rap music and also had a home studio. Malachi was asked to join his team under A.M.N ( A Music Nation). Malachi quickly excepted the offer and begin to record countless of songs at his friends home studio. Together they released a collaboration mixtape alongside other friends entitled “Band Camp” under A.M.N .
After graduating high school, Malachi was accepted into the Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg. He had won a scholarship from a drawing a portrait of Tupac Shakur. Though his passion was music Malachi was majoring in visual effects. While still trying to pursue music juggle college classes, work a job, and a huge tuition, things became very stressful. Times were harder than ever at home, and he had to make a choice. Malachi decide to take leave from college and focus on supporting his familh and focus on music. He built his own home studio, and released his first solo mixtape “Obsessive Thinker” in January of 2016. As of now, Malachi is back in college and with only 6 more months to go. He is also working on his second mixtape which is being recorded at several top notch studios around Chicago.
Top Five Influences
New projects
Second Solo Mixtape scheduled to be released July 2016
What helped you get into music
Just the way it made me feel. Thats what captured me at first. As far as writing, making songs, and mixing  would say there are so many artist I studied. Lauryn hill, Nas, Eminem, Drake, Pac. I would literally spend hours perfecting myself until I developed my own style.
What is one thing you would tell your fans?
If there’s something you love to do, go for it. Take chances, and with every bone in your body protect that by all means necessary.
What are your biggest goals for 2016?
My biggest goal for 2016 is to grauate college, and grow my fan base. This mixtape im releasing in July is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Im excited for me. Also i want to collab with more artist here in Chicago and everywhere.

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