New Breed Dexx: Operation STST

New Breed Dexx: Operation STST

  • Producer: Hajino

The album is hands down one of the most interesting projects i’ve heard all year. From the clever witty wordplay to the jazzy instrumentation, this project catches my ear everytime I put it on. The project starts with samples that are pulled together cohesively to bring a meaning to the intro. As we get on with the actual rapping, the emcee has a low smooth voice that fits perfectly over these boom bap style smoked out beats. I’m noticing lots of 90’s style sounds and more excellent use of samples. My personal favorite is Lux. I particularly enjoy this because of the lyrics and instrumental. the way the vocal sample is woven into the beat really works well over the dynamic of the emcee. In vibes 2 I love the Simpsons sample..hahah classic. Fits very well over the jazzy chord structure and 90’s drum sounds. As the raps continue, I find myself more and more into the flow and way the words reverberate in the mix. This is an incredible combo for emcee and producer and I hope to hear more of them in the future. I recommend this for those true Hiphop heads who have spend time listening to Big L, Pro Era, Nas, Smoke DZA, and people who like production from the likes of Dilla, Madlib, etc. This is a very strong album and I will be listening to it again and again. So, if you decide you need something fresh to vibe out with, I STRONGLY recommend New Breed Dexx: Operation STST

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