Decaf Black

 Go vibe with dope music by Decaf Black!

Decaf Black is an underground hip-hop artist born and raised in the rural New York area growing up in the hip hop scene. By age sixteen he was hanging out with his crew, drinking forties and such, doing freestyle cyphers. In his early twenties he started doing studio work; making songs mostly for colleagues, family and friends. At thirty, after having two kids; his biggest inspirations, Decaf decided to take his music to the next level. Around that time he met Supreme Da Almighty. Decaf, being a 90s hip-hop boom BAP inspired artist, was not into the music of the day that was playing on the radio. He and Supreme decided to drop a mixtape called “Resurrection”. It was an instant local hit. Black and Almighty did a few videos and formed a group known as “Armed America” which included underground artists: Gunz Borgia, Sonni Francis and DJ Joey P. After dropping their video “Deadly Penz” on YouTube, the group gained their popularity. With the new buzz, Decaf decided to take the show on the road, performing in cities such as Houston, Austin, Boston, Atlantic City, Baltimore, New York City, Long Island and all around the Hudson Valley. After he collaborated with Hip Hop artist Mic Handz on the single and video, “Clear Out”, is when the game began to change for Decaf. Decaf’s introduction to the underground hip-hop scene had now become official. After the release of the single “Clear Out”, Mic Handz and Decaf continued to work together more consistently. During that time, Decaf was constantly grinding, growing his grass roots in the New York hip-hop underground scene. Black has opened up and shared the stage with many underground artists including: Royal Flush, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Black Rob, Brand Nubian and Mr. cheeks. In the summer of 2015 T.H.E.M. Recordings, (Talented Humble Extraordinary Men), decided to sign Decaf to their label. This put him on the roster with such artists as Innocent?, Dready Kruger, Hazernomical, Juxx Diamondz, and Elijah Miguel. The underground rap scene is about to get a taste of something they’ve never seen before. For 2016, early Spring, Decaf Black will be dropping his debut album: “My Induction”. Instead of doing an average mixtape Decaf decided to take his work to Platinum P of Lyte Head Concepts in Newburgh, New York to get a great sounding, official industry-ready album. Decaf Black’s new album features underground artists Juxx Diamondz, MicHandz, Napoleon DA Legend, and Rkitech. This album is real hip-hop with a new and versatile style.


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