Malachi Music

                         Exclusive Interview One thing to say.. HIPHOP. This man is skilled at his craft and will keep you listening intently. Incredible lyrics, incredible flow, and an overall dope artist. This kid can rhyme like no other, go vibe with this man. Give us … More Malachi Music

Eyzauh Adams

Eyzauh Adams brings soulful music and provides a fantastic sound for those real music fans to vibe to. Be sure to support this art and show some love !                                               Exclusive Interview What … More Eyzauh Adams


BDaMan is an extremely dope artist who deserves lots of recognition. I love his style and musical charisma and I’m sure he’s set to do huge things in the music industry.                                           EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Give us … More BDaMan


Grizzaveli drops ill new music for you and your homies to vibe with! Real music only over here no doubt. You can tell Grizzaveli has really spent time in the game. Vibe. Give us your bio: Hi, my name is Elijah Hall a.k.a GRIZZAVELI, I’m an independent indie artist based out of Wellington, New Zealand. … More GRIZZAVELI

Ill Pearce

Ill Pearce is a very talented lyricist who impresses our team with his vocab and stamina on the mic. We really enjoy how he delivers flows at a quick, uptempo rapid pace that very much captivates listeners. You can tell Ill Pearce has spent time learning the game and becoming a deadly emcee. I love … More Ill Pearce


Dame is a dope hiphop artist who has been making consistent music and impressing us for a while. Check him out on his soundcloud page! “I’m Dame a 20 yr old artist from Grandview, Missouri an I’m tryna get my name out here. I just dropped my first tape “20” Please listen an put me … More Dame

Andre Ossit (AO)

                  EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Marconi Productions, Recognized as Frederick Maryland’s most prestigious music group, on Sunday February 7th, 2016 at 9pm released Andre Ossit’s debut Mixtape titled “Ultra”. The luminous EP was written and produced by Andre Ossit himself along with In-House producer Who.I.BE. The EP consists of 8 … More Andre Ossit (AO)


Give us your bio Who are your top 5 influences? When are your new projects coming out? What helped you get into music? What is one thing you would tell your fans? What are your biggest goals for 2016?   Knowledge has the makings to be one of the dopest emcees we’ve heard in a … More Knowledge