Jay Kwev

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JAY KWEV Give us your bio I’m just a guy who’s trying to bring the genuine vibe back to music who happens to smoke mad weed. & I always make sure I’m authentic with my shit, accompanied by a potent flow, smart metaphors &overall wavy verses. Who are your top 5 influences? That’s the magic question, hahaa. Shit man, I’ve been influenced by a lot of different artists over the years but if I had to narrow it down to who influenced my vision the most, I … More Jay Kwev


Jaxin from Likable Guys comes with some incredible flow and lyricism. It’s obvious he has profound skill as an emcee and will continue to expand on his knowledge of the art form. In his bars we get excellent wordplay and incredible carefree delivery. Go vibe with this man.  “Jaxin. is a rapper based out of … More Jaxin


Dark Diety is one of the most interesting Hiphop duos I’ve heard recently. Be sure to show them some love. They are very serious about their craft and show Hiphop respect as dope artists.  -The Dark-Deity group consists of two artists, MPF and Monarch. 1.) Monarch: My favorite song would have to be Regression, simply … More Dark-Deity

Alex Bass

“Alex Bass comes with a unique sound that is sure to get world recognition in the near future. We can’t wait to hear more from this genre bending and creative artist” -Indie Hiphop Promo Artist: Alex Bass Genre: R&B/HipHop/Rap City: San Francisco, CA/Chicago, IL Single: Godly Music link: https://soundcloud.com/alexbassmusic/godly … https://www.instagram.com/alexbasstv  http://twitter.com/itsalexbass  Bio: Alex Bass is … More Alex Bass


RMG have one of our favorite videos of the year with some soul sampled production and incredible lyricism. The group is made of incredible emcees who really focus on the art of true Hiphop. When we went through bar for bar we were amazed at how versatile each member of this group was in terms … More RMG


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SUNNY. CHECK OUT ONE OF THE ILLEST NEW ARTISTS OF THE YEAR. NOBODY IS SET TO STOP THIS MAN THIS YEAR. VIBE OUT VIBE OUT. https://soundcloud.com/sunnyhendrix Your history Came up in a two parent home, until I turned 14 years old. Parents separated due to my father doing drugs, he left the … More Sunny.

Emmitt Dupree

    Emmitt Dupree is quite the interesting character. He brings some dope music that you’re sure to love in 2016. We strongly recommend you check his music out. Go check it!   Who are your top influences?  I think my top influences would probably make anyone chuckle from the vast range, from Frank Ocean … More Emmitt Dupree