Milomafioso brings many things to the table in his music. Confidence, ability, and a good ear for pleasing music. Listening to his music is quite enjoyable and I love the electronic yet still hard Hiphop sound he employs on his tracks. His voice is smooth and fits very well over this production. Really liking this content and can’t wait to hear more. – Indie Music Promo


“I grew up in Philly for a little and moved to Dallas when I was 10. I just turned 17 a couple months ago. I grew up on old rnb and wanted to sing at first but started producing in 7th grade and started rapping 9th grade. I engineer it all as well. In the next year I see myself working with all the big artist or probably being one myself. Tyler the creator, Kanye, MF DOOM, Jay Z, 50 Cent, A$AP Rocky are some of my influences. The first big person I got on one of my beats was Kevin Gates, but the track is unreleased I have it in my email. The second is Kirko Bangz on a song called “No Options” by . Now I’m working with more current artists like Wintertimezi, Uno the Activist and a few others that’ll be revealed.”

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