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Dark Diety is one of the most interesting Hiphop duos I’ve heard recently. Be sure to show them some love. They are very serious about their craft and show Hiphop respect as dope artists. 

-The Dark-Deity group consists of two artists, MPF and Monarch.

1.) Monarch: My favorite song would have to be Regression, simply because so much of it was personal, I think it makes the song deep and meaningful especially when others can relate. MPF: My favorite song that we have ever made together would be “Regression”, this was the very first song that we done together and recorded for. The song is very personal it speaks on regrets and pains in our lives. The song has not yet been released, it will be on our up coming project.

2.) Monarch: I think the person I draw most of my inspiration from is Kanye West, especially his 808 & Heartbreak era really powerful stuff. MPF: My main influences consist of famous and non-famous people. One of the main influences on my career is my father, he is the hardest worker that I have ever met in my life. No matter what is going on, my father has always provided for my family, and has taught me to follow my dreams. The rapper who has had the most influence on my life has easily been Eminem. Even though it may sound normal for a white kid inspiring to be a rapper and producer to say his biggest influence is the greatest white rapper of all time, I mean it. To me Em is the greatest rapper to ever pick up the mic, even better than Pac. The first time that I ever heard a rap song, I can remember that I didn’t like it. As soon as I heard Eminem though, I fell in love with the art of rap. His songs just spoke to me and made me want to do better at everything that I did, I could always and still can relate to the things he speaks on in his songs.

3.) Our first album “Angst” is predicted to be finished and released around April, hopefully we actually like to revise a lot of our work. We will also be working on our solo projects within the year.

4.) Monarch: I’ve been doing the whole Hip-Hop thing for about 4 years now I started off doing rap battles on our bus, then I just started writing in down in my journals I’ve completed four now almost at five. But when I was younger I also took piano lessons, it’s probably why I do everything so precise I’m a little bit of a perfectionist. MPF: I have been writing music since eighth grade year in middle school. I began just making diss tracks against students, but I soon realized that I had a gift for telling stories through word play. In ninth grade I began to write my own songs, and as the years went on I wrote more and more on a daily basis. During the summer of my eleventh grade year in High School I really wanted to begin making my own beats and recording my songs, so I worked and saved up to buy music production software, a mini midi keyboard, a interface, and a mic. I have been producing tracks nearly almost everyday since that day. I have been writing for five years, and producing for almost two years.

5.) Monarch: Whenever I find myself producing or even mixing a track, I use a lot of the in house samples the program offers, I also like the acoustic piano. MPF: My favorite style of music production is rap/hip-hop, I love the boom bap beats and heavy hitting drums. It varies for most of my work though.

6.) Monarch: My top 5 favorite artists in no order in particular are Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Tupac and Logic. MPF: My top five favorite artists are Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, J.cole, and Kid Cudi

7.) Monarch: I started out young with my music way back before the piano lessons I actually used to take dance lessons and everyday after class we would listen to new music, and I would try and listen for specific sounds that I could find in the background. Later on down the road I would go on to take those piano lessons and honestly I was uninterested at first, then I got good wouldn’t say great but I got good enough to play church hymns and then I quit. after that I got into my heavy hip-hop phase. I listened to Tupac’s Greatest Hits, 808’s & Heartbreak, Really just the classics and all of Kanye’s stuff. I remember listening to heartless and saying to myself that’s what I wanna do. I want to inspire people, make music and be recognized as one of the greats. I actually tried to form a group around 2013, called cast of strangers but it didn’t really work out, I was the only one committed so i left, and then Me and fletch meet up in the eighth grade but it wasn’t until the summer before senior year that we formed Dark Deity. We used to do rap battles on Facebook and messenger every other Thursday and then we decided that we were on par or better than most rappers on the radio today why don’t we try and make an album. Were still currently in the middle of completing Angst but i have a feeling it’s gonna be well received when we release it. MPF: I was born and raised in Crouse, North Carolina. I started off going to a private Christian academy, and learned many good morals. I left the school in seventh grade and then began to attend Lincoln Charter School in eighth grade. At a young age all I wanted to do was play baseball and one day play in the major league. I was very talented at the sport and was always told I should play in college and keep playing and make a living off of the sport I once loved. It was not until eleventh grade year in High School that I decided baseball was something that I did not want to pursue anymore, the sport became too stressful and did not make me happy anymore. When I stopped playing the sport I finally realized who I was and what I wanted out of my life, and that was music. I have always loved music and connected to it differently than the way I connected with anything else. In my household I was brought up not to really listen to rap because of my father, but I would do it anyways. I remember one of the first rap songs I ever fell in love with was the song “Not Afraid” by Eminem. I instantly connected to the song when I heard it for the first time in my living room playing on my television during the X-Games. It was nothing like I ever heard before in my life, I began listening to everything that Eminem had created. I began listening to the lyrics instead of the beats and music playing behind the artist, for the first time I heard meaning in a song instead of the things that was played on the radio. I become inspired to create my own music and tell my own stories and the trials and tribulations in my life that I had faced. I was always quiet about my passion for music until I reached High School, I made a friend that had as much love for the art as I did. As the years went on we began writing music and showing each other our songs, it was at that time that we decided to make a real go for our dreams and create the group “Dark-Deity”. We decided to go by the name because we have both been through some dark times in our life, and that has made our nature more dark than most, and that’s what we tend to focus on and write about. In our songs we discuss some dark times, and how we overcame them. I believe that we are something special, we are talented, hard working, we actually have something to say, we are in love with music, and that is rare.

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