Hype Alexander



Hype Alexander comes through with a dope project containing incredible boom bap instrumentation and amazing use of creativity. Hype Alexander grew up listening to jazz, and it’s became very evident in his production style. The excellent use of chord tones and swung drum patterns makes for a beautiful sound and dynamic. – Indie Hiphop Promo

“I’m a 21 year old music producer from Indianapolis Indiana, started with a,strong musical background my pops is a jazz and rnb musician, so growing up I listened to a lot of heavy jazz, like john coltrane, duke Ellington, miles davis, and charlie parker, also around in my teens my dad showed me a lot of old new jack swing music and rnb, so that had a heavy influence on me. I started getting into music in elementary school, playing the viola, and in middle school the trombone and drums, after the drums and going to the studio with my dad, I wanted to be that guy who made the music. So I started out with a little drum machine and me and my friend dezz linked up and began making music on music software like fruity loops and then I started to take it serious around 18 and pushing to perfect my craft and now I am Co founder of my own production label and making eps and albums and selling and collabing with some pretty dope people”

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