DC comes with a rough background, but it’s evident he hasn’t let this stop him from making music. His bars are filled with passion and pain. He is skilled on the mic and wants to get even better, so that he may destroy other emcees. Listening to his mixtape we are getting a heavy trap feel with some more low-key tracks interspersed throughout the entirety of the album. I particularly enjoyed this project and I know y’all will as well..Go show the kid some love for being a dope artist! – Indie Hiphop Promo

My Name is Darius Chandler Aka “DC” and I’m a music artist from the South Side of Joliet, IL. Growing up as a kid in Joliet it was difficult with the amount of hatred going on in my city and the amount of killings. Joliet is a small City about 30 mins away from Chicago and growing up here was always hard for me as a child with no father to be around. My father sold drugs and was hardly ever around, while My mother was always working she was considered the Mom & Dad, a very strong and hardworking women. I always was a smart kid and had dreams I looked forward to since I was young but as I got older I grew tired of playing sports. I started to get in trouble more, hanging out with the wrong crowd as they say but those was the people I grew up with. I started ditching school just to get in the Studio, hustling up every dollar I could get to put in studio time. I first started rapping when I was about 10 on my homie laptop playing around recording songs on audio. I didn’t start taking rapping serious until about couple months ago when I started to realize I had a lot of talent with it and people would tell me how good I was and everything I was speaking was the truth so I wanted people to hear the story of how I came up. I soon started being in the studio everyday, to be honest there’s hardly any days I go without being in the studio. It turned into my life, I’m in the studio everyday even when I’m not recording constantly trying to get better. What motivates me the most as n artist to keep going is my 2 twin brothers that I have that both were diagnosed with autism. Growing up it was a struggle for a Single mom taking care of 5 Kids and I would just be so upset when my brother would beg my mother for stuff she couldn’t afford and I always told myself I had to do whatever it takes to give them whatever they want because they don’t live the same life that we live. I think that motivated me to go even harder and really made me push myself everyday.

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