New Breed Dexx

New Breed Dexx comes with the fire in his song “The Joy” I love the direction he’s taking his music especially with the dope visuals. Hope to hear more from this dope artist asap.

We got him to answer these questions:

Tell us about your musical goals Who are your top 5 fav artists Whats your greatest musical accomplishment What is your main inspiration How do you hope to positively impact music Tell us about your start in music

1. I want my own strain of marijuana, and I’m a call it New Breed Kush! It’ll be the most potentest, lemoniest, tastiest strain this side of the Mississippi, haha! I know that’s not a music goal and that ‘potentest’ isn’t a real word, but I want my music career to act as a catalyst to reach that goal. I’m a chill guy that makes music for people who’re into comic books, cartoons/anime, and eat cereal no matter what time of day it is. My overall goal is to build an organic chill audience I can occasionally pass a doobie too. I feel my debut album Operation STST will put me on that path.

2. Mannnnn, I’m no good at stuff like that! The list goes on forever. As far as my inspirations I guess I’d have to say Frank Sinatra, MF DOOM, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Andre 3K, and Billy Joel, yeah that’s six but like I said the list goes on FOREVER! These artist represent different genres of music, but if you’re familiar w. any of their work then you know the vibe of their music can alter your mood and take you away! That’s what I’m tryna accomplish with my sound; I want you (the listener) to know that’s New Breed Dexx soon as the beat drops!

3. Never giving up on myself! I’ve been doing music, trying to get on (you know buy fancy lofts and rare pokemon cards) since 2010. Committing your life to music for five years with no rewards can bring your spirits down sometimes, you know? I’ve seen great artist just call it quits because responsibilities/life got in the way of their artistry, but I was dedicated and took my time to learn and build relationships with some pretty great people, like my producer Hajino. When I took my hiatus from music I was having my doubts and going through demotions, Hajino discovered my old work and was into it. I later found out that we’re both into all the same shit, so I told him why don’t we make an album? We did just that and I’m proud of the music we created; I can’t wait to premier Operation STST to the world. It’s a testament of all my hard work and dedication and I feel its real high quality music everyone can enjoy! Preferably with a joint.

4. I go to a lot of places for inspiration; real life conversations inspire 75% of my work, I tend to use code so the listener has to tune in a lil more to understand what’s goin’ on. But lately my couch has been my biggest source inspiration! I have this cool kingpin couch w. a dope glass table attached to it. I’ve just been gettin’ crazy high watchin’ Groucho Marx movies and Chappelle Show. After I get my laughs off I find myself thinkin’ of wild lines and ideas for songs, that’s pretty much how I finished Operation STST. Just gettin’ stoned watchin’ T.V whenever I had spare time.

5. I want kids to read more and use the internet as a means of gettin’ information they’re not necessarily receiving from school. I sound more like a politician than a musician with that one, haha. But I really wanna impact the youth with my actions and my words, let them know that with knowledge, will, and a lil faith all things are possible. New Breed is for the children!

6. I can’t even call it man! Music has always been in my blood ever since I was a snotty nose. Before I was even rappin’ I’d be in talent shows tryin’ to sing or dance, or be a showman of some sort, I did anything to be on stage. The sight of a stage just captivated me and I wanted to be on a stage at all cost being looked at (weird I know). I was so hopeless back then, I didn’t even like rap music at that time, and I sure as hell didn’t wanna rap! I didn’t get into rap music til after I was 12, my big brother hipped me to Wu Tang, ATCQ, Nas, Outkast, Eminem, De La Soul, and at that time this “new kid” named Kanye. I started to venture out on my own to find my own artist to vibe too. Once I got into 2Pac’s catalog I gained an appreciation for the culture and the music and began my mission and started recording some pretty shitty raps and never looked back, haha!

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