Emmitt Dupree




Emmitt Dupree is quite the interesting character. He brings some dope music that you’re sure to love in 2016. We strongly recommend you check his music out. Go check it!


Who are your top influences? 

I think my top influences would probably make anyone chuckle from the vast range, from Frank Ocean & Andre 3000 to Bon Iver/Justin Vernon, & and Fleet Foxes to Raury with a tad bit Drake & Gambino also
Who are your top 5 artists: 
My top 5 artist, no order would be 
1. Kanye West 
2. Frank Ocean 
3. Paramore
4. Kendrick Lamar 
5. Justin Vernon 
The list goes on but there’s five current ones 

What inspires you?
I get inspiration from almost anything, like most of my conceptual songs are from real situations, but I can also be Inspired by books, words and colors, it sounds weird but my latest original song “LA’ies” was inspired by the vibe of the color purple, like art. Of course really good music motivates me to be great & Innovative artist inspire me to push boundaries a little more also. 
What are your plans musically?
Well, I honestly just want to be the G.O.A.T at what I do. Regardless if it’s staying behind the scenes & being an amazing writer for artist (which I’d love to do) or if I’m the front man singing your favorite song lifting your spirits and being that one person you can relate to and feel comfort with. The ultimate goal is to be a house hold name for good music, like being in my top 5 artists personal top 5, that would be crazy. 
I’m Emmitt Dupree From Phoenix, Arizona. I’ll be 21 on March 31st. I LOVE MUSIC. I would say I have the widest taste that I know, I sing, rap & produced from time to time, I love to write poetry it’s how I started. Now with music one thing I hate doing is being creativity limited, boredom is my worst enemy so innovation is my best friend. Music has lifted me up my whole life and as a gift I’d love to return the favor to others. 

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