1) Who are your influences?

I used to listen to a lot of jazzy hip hop artists like Nujabes, Fat Jon, Nomak and Blazo which all got me interested in producing but my style is more heavily influenced by the greats like Pete Rock, J Dilla and DJ Premier.

2) What makes your music unique?

I think there are a lot of hip hop producers who don’t make an effort to keep a track interesting and use a lot of drum loops as well as sample loops without chopping and cutting things. I always aim for my instrumentals to work as standalone tracks even if it will end up as a collaboration with an emcee. This involves coming up with several different sections and changeups in the music which helps to keep things fresh and to keep those heads nodding.

3) Any upcoming projects?

I just released my album Old Fashioned which is available on bandcamp so I’m still working on promoting that material, however, I already have one or two other projects that I have started. The main one which will be called HIP HOPERATOR is going to be a concept album about a mad scientist living in a hidden underground laboratory who spends his time conducting wicked hip hop experiments to bring to life his instrumentals. I guess it’s sort of inspired by Madvillainy, haha.

4) When and why did you start creating music?

Always been a big hip hop fan and I played a lot piano when I was younger. When I went to University I couldn’t bring my piano with me and so my only creative outlet became my production. Funny thing is, it was a friend who said I should download FL Studio and we messed around in the program making some horrible music which the world should never hear… after that I was hooked and I wanted to learn more and more about how to create music that sounded like my favourite hip hop beats.

5) What’s your favorite production type?

Old school boom bap, no questions asked! That’s what makes my head nod.

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