When you hear the name Bosh Dotti, it’s safe to say you’re in the presence of one of the hottest new artists of the year. Bosh Dotti comes with a fantastic aura on the mic and delivers catchy tracks that are sure to get everyone vibing. It’s clear to see this young man has a big future with his dope sound and we can’t wait till he explores it even more. So until next time. Kick back, turn up, or simply do what you do while Bosh Dotti blesses you with that heat.


Youtube Clip of my performance on coast to coast live – philly edition

Growing up moving around different parts of NJ, alotta the time I was surrounded by people who always had more than me. I always wanted to live like that but time after time failed. I went through and done alotta shit that people really don’t know about nor do I want them to know me for, but music got me through each day. Getting out all of this negativity through writing changed my life and turned the negatives into energy, and that’s what fuels my new style, kinda like blocking out the bad by speaking the good into existence. Writing, recording, producing, and marketing music has become an everyday thing and all that’s on my mind. It really was always part of my life, I wrote my first lyrics in elementary school and played the drums, guitar, and piano. So I pray one day it’ll pay off and I can give back to my family all they’ve given and the hope they ever had in me.

1. – “You flow nicely over trap beats, tell us about when you started to experiment with this.”
I began with a hip-hop style because it made me feel like I had someone to talk to who understood me. But I realized everyone got their own problems an there’s no need to spread pessimism. I started doing trap style music because nothing compared to its energy. Now I make music about having a good time, not to be commercial, but because its impossible to feel down if your turning up. That is why I live this, so other people can listen to it for the same feeling.

2. – “I notice your unique image…What were you thinking in terms of your brand when creating this?”
When it comes to image, I kinda just have to laugh at myself. One day you might catch me in all polo (shoutout Tj Maxx foreal lmao) and the next day I might be in some mismatched outfit, like camo pants with a hockey jersey and a headband haha. I never really had a certain style, or ever wanted people to base me as a person off it, I just put on whatever I want an rock withit ahah you know? That’s what I love about my “Image”, no one should be restricted to what they feel like people wanna see, just do ya thing and let em watch!

3. – “When is your next project going to be released?”
Well my next project is actually 3 different collaborations right now, I’m doing one track with Cashdro, one with Gee da $avage, and one with CHRIS JVCKSON, shoutout to all them foreal all super talented an real good dudes. These are all gunna be trap style, but all completely different sounds, you just gotta wait an see! Hoping for them to be out sometime next month.

4. – “Which artists have influenced your music”
As far as musical influence, I just try to just be myself, do my thing and keep outside influences from making me sound the same as all the rap you hear now. But I absolutely have been more so inspired instead. I gotta say, no one ever got me more motivated or hustle harder than the group Modern Day Generation (M.D.G) Dolla, Bagz, Drumma, HB, Kash, they the realest in the game right now and I got endless respect for their drive and work ethic. Hit after hit they got a sound and gift like no other and that’s what really helped me step my music game up.
5.- “ What does your name mean?”
Ahaha aw man I knew this one was coming. Alright here it is. My real names Josh, so growing up some my goofy ass friends would just replace the J with an H, or a B, or a W, anything that worked really haha. So that’s how I got Bosh, which I actually just found out the other day was a word…and it means something that’s “absurd” or “nonsense” haha whatever I’ll take it. Then after it was Bosh I felt like I needed some type of adjective or something that bounced nice when I said it in songs. After Googling “cool adjectives” like an idiot, I found Dotty, which meant like…unreasonable or something I don’t remember but I liked the sound of it. I put the 2 together and was hyped I was the only thing that came up if you googled “Bosh Dotti”. Oh yeah and I dropped the “Y” at the end put an “I” because f#ck “Y” it’s a weird ass letter that doesn’t know if it’s a vowel or a consonant, I don’t got time for that!

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