What are your musical goals?

– My goal is to simply share the art that me and my friends create, all over the world. I want to create music that enables listeners to relate and uplift them to realize, anything is possible.

What is your favorite production style?
– I like to switch it up with my beat selection and choose sounds I find to be uncommon. Tempos are mainly based on my mood during the writing process, but I like the sounds of real instruments including pianos, sitars, and saxophones or any type of horn. Heavy bass on bangers, along with different melodies and synths for the smoother stuff.
Who are your top 5 influences?
– My top 5 influences are: My beautiful mother, for never giving up on me and providing me with everything I ever needed.  My grandfather, the sailor, adventurist, and my role model; for encouraging me to pursue my passion with good intention, as the money will come. My HEYE MiNDS family, my brothers who inspire me to progress on a daily basis. My baby sister, who has always given me a reason to become the best possible brother and role model I can be.  And my own intuition, as for each and every human on Earth, the cellar door is the only portal.
When is your next project?
– ‘Home Alone’ dropping on February 22, 2016. Find it, along with all of my the rest of Heye Mind’s music @ HEYEMINDS.COM
How has music shaped your life?
– After attempting to struggle my way through university, switching majors four times, lacking passion and purpose in life, music has given me an outlet to express myself.  It has also given me a cause to progress and work hard for in the pursuit of my goals.
What is your favorite song you’ve ever done?
– At the moment, my favorite song I’ve done is called ‘Another Bastard Rappin.’ It is still unreleased, but will be dropped on my upcoming project ‘Home Alone’ on Feb. 22. There are also visuals in the works for that particular track.**
Check out the website:

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