EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JEROME DA CHEF. Dope sounds, great lyricism. All around a fantastic artist in this new year.

“I am a Trinidad born, artist, songwriter, DJ and producer. At the age of 16 i was performing in 18+ night clubs in and around Ipswich, Suffolk where i grew up with my crew Elite Family. At 18 i started to focus mainly on hip hop, learning the history of the cultural movement and getting involved in its various art forms. I attended the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey, where i studied music production and sound engineering to enhanced my skills as a complete and rounded artist. In 2013 i debuted my single ‘Get Up’ featuring Polish rapper Popek which currently has over 300k views on youtube, as well as featuring on the first track of his gold selling album “Monster”. Since then i have been sound engineering and song writing for many established, up and coming artist in the UK and Eastern Europe and will continue to do so. Currently i am part of an independent label Vivid Stem which aims to transform the music scene in Europe” –JEROME DA CHEF

1) Who are your influences?

Musically i grew up listening to everything from Country to Soca. I admired artist like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and all the other greats as well as studying writers and singers of Tin Pan Alley and the Great American Songbook. Moving to the UK i became fond of Drum and Bass, Garage and Grime from hearing pirate radios stations in London. Listening to artists like General Levy, So Solid Crew, Wiley and many others from the London underground music scene. Today i tend to be more influenced by life events than other artist but in saying that I am a massive TDE fan.

2) What makes your music unique?

My music can utilise elements from any genre, at any time. I seem to have this ability (as I’m told) to not box myself into any particular sound or style. I could be making a dark, aggressive, curse filled rap song and in the next hour casually be writing a mellow soul track suited for a singer. I Try to make my music different yet able to fit in comfortably where ever i want to place it, which at times can prove to be a task in itself.

3) Any upcoming projects?

My current project “Change Hearts Eat Food” will be broken down into 3 digital EPs, The first will be available on the 15th January 2016 and the fourth and last instalment in this series would be presented as a CD LP containing some of the tracks from the previous releases. All being dropped in 2016 via all major digital outlets and

4) When and why did you start creating music?

I remember the first thing i wrote i was around 10 and it was a song about a girl i liked at school. I took the lyrics to my music teacher and he agreed to produce it for my only if i sang it infront of the school. Needless to say I got the girl and then realised the power music and how it could not only change my life but others as well.

5) What’s your favorite production type?

It really depends on what i want to say, and how i want to say it. Of course the best production happens organically but luckily i have a team of exceptional producers around me from all over the world who believe in my music and know what i like and don’t like musically. A Dirty bass line is key tho

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