The Wiz

The Wiz gave us a dope interview that really enlightened us. We’re loving the direction he’s going and we want him to win in 2016. His answers show that intelligence is still prominent in Hiphop. Go check him out!

1) Who are your influences? Well musically, I don’t have a lot of direct influences, but two artists I really admire a lot are MF DOOM and Lupe Fiasco. I would say I’ve learned a lot about songwriting and rapping from listening to them over the years. MF DOOM, he’s not a household name in mainstream hip-hop, but man – he’s just sooooo good on the mic. He might be my No. 1 rapper of all time. The way he raps, it’s unlike anything I’ve heard before, in terms of lyrics, flow, delivery and substance. He really challenges me to be unique in every song and be creative with my rhymes. So when I write a song, I think about “what am I trying to say here, and how can I say it in a clear, but unique way?” That’s what really drives my writing process. Lupe Fiasco…he was really the first rapper I became a huge fan of when I was younger. I listen to all his stuff. He’s great. A lot of his songs really inspire me. Listening to albums like “Food & Liquor” and “The Cool”, opened my eyes to the positive power that Hip-Hop has, those albums man…straight classics. The storytelling was insane on some of those records. So yeah, he inspires me to inspire others, in a way.

2) What makes your music unique? I would say that mainly, it’s the lyrics. In my music, my main drive is to be as creative as possible. I see rap as form of poetry, so when I’m writing, I think about ways I can deliver a message in a way someone has never heard before, similar to how a poet might say something that sounds so foreign but it means something simple. For example, I could take a line such as “Yo check out the cat in the hat” and make it into something like “Watch the feline recline into this top hat of mine”. They both mean almost the same thing, but you can definitely tell which is more creative. In addition to the lyrics, I might touch on subjects that have been discussed before by other artists, but I want to present them in different light and with my own fresh take on it, and even make you think about a certain subject in a new way. That’s my main goal.

3) Any upcoming projects? YES! Right now I’m working on my debut mixtape. It’s called “REGENERATION”, and I’m planning on releasing it this Spring, GOD willing. I’ve been working on it with a great group of artists and producers, including a producer by the name of Young Haiti. He’s a really talented guy and has a ton of potential, we’ve made like 5-6 songs together and the chemistry is really good. So yeah, we got some crazy records coming. I’m very excited. I don’t want to say to much about the content of the mixtape yet, because I like keeping things a surprise, but we’re dropping the first single later this month (January), so look out for that.

4) When and why did you start creating music? Well, I’ve been writing songs and rapping since I was in high school, but I never started creating music until about a couple years ago. After I graduated university in 2014, I really wanted to find new hobbies and do new things. I always had a passion for music in general and writing songs, so I started to build my own little home studio to and started making beats. Over time, it went from a hobby on the side to something I was serious about. My cousin, who is also an artist by the name of “Jay Aree” came over one to my house one day and was checking out the studio setup I had, you know, just messing around. Next thing you know, we made an actual song. Looking back, the song was horrible (and you’ll probably never hear it haha), but we were just excited with the idea of making music. So we formed a group called “Eternal Prodigy” and started seriously making songs. I would say our first “real” one was a record called – “Supreme Soul”. That’s when we realized we were on to something. And ever since then we’ve been making music. Lately we’ve been also doing our own solo thing too, so he’s working on some stuff as well.

5) What’s your favorite production type? I love all types to be honest!! But my favorites? You know, I really love live instruments. So anything with instruments – piano, trumpets, violins, flutes, full orchestra, etc– I love production in that style. It’s just so lively and it brings out the passion of my rhymes. I also love smooth jazzy production – like a Robert Glasper style. That’s where I feel I can be intimate with the listener and really connect with them. With all that being said, I love me some bangers!! Haha. Give me a nice 808’s and something I can turn up to. I want to get the crowd bumpin’, I want to get the whole car shaking, ya know? It really helps me bring out my energy too. I think every production style can evoke different emotions, so I try to be as versatile as possible when thinking about how I want my music to sound.

6) Tell us about yourself

My artist name is The Wiz Age: 23 Born and raised: Atlanta, GA Background: Haitian About myself: I’m just an artist who wants to speak his mind and inspire others in many different ways. I feel that I can provide people encouragement and hope through my songs, but do it in a fun and creative way. I’m a follower of Christ, and so God has a lot of influence in my life, and he gives me a lot of wisdom, especially when I’m thinking about what to write. I make sure to always shout that out in my songs, you know. Overall, I’m just ready to work hard and reach as many people as I can with my message. But I can’t do it alone, so I’m down to always work with other up and coming artists. And that’s me!!

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