P. Yella

P.Yella is dropping heat his year you wouldn’t believe. His unique style allows him to surpass others in his lane and really dominate what he does. We love the consistent style and artistry he keeps releasing and we can’t wait to hear more from this incredible young artist. – Indie Music Promo
We go to do this dope interview with him!
Tell us about your musical goals 
– My musical would be to be the best artist/producer that music has seen in a while. I think it’s easier to to paint a picture when you the paint and the painter. Money is cool but it wouldn’t be with me after I die but the music will live forever 

Who are your top 5 fav artists 
– Man, that’s a hard on but Trae Tha Truth in his younger days, Pimp C has been very influential, Scarface is in my top 5 best rappers period, 2Pac, and Snoop Dogg, I’m a big Snoop fan.
Whats your greatest musical accomplishment 
– I would say I don’t have a greatest musical accomplishment. I’ve met people like DJ Drama, Future, and lot more famous people thanks to SXSW (A real helper in any artist career), but I just stay focused. I feel like if I get satisfied I might get lazy.
What is your main inspiration 
– My main inspiration is myself, I go school for audio engineering and commercial music . I got a lot of people really depending on me so it’s just apart of being a man, first. I just so happen to have music as a job
How do you hope to positively impact music 
– I just want to be that person that when people hear my music they feel like they know me. If you look at all of the greats, they had that nat for doing that. Music is all about different feelings. Some songs are uptempo and make you dance or get excited and then it’s slow songs you just vibe out to or think about shit.
Tell us about your start in music 
– I started rapping in 2011, made a nice little buzz. I took a backseat to rapping for the last year on production and engineering. I’ve worked with DJ Burn One, KD from Birmingham, Lil Pooh who’s out here in Dallas making major moves behind the scenes now, made a few beats for a lot of known Dallas artist and really just trying to keep working and stay consistent.

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