When we heard these dope tracks we were in love with how they sounded. Killer sound and dope music all around. Our team has been vibing with KIAN for a while and we wish him all the success in this new year! – Indie Hiphop Promo

What are your musical goals? What is your favorite production style? Who are your top 5 influences? When is your next project? How has music shaped your life? What is your favorite song you’ve ever done? 


1) My musical goal is to touch many different types of people, and relate to them in a personal way! I don’t want to be trapped inside one box, have limits on my music, and limits how far my voice goes. I don’t only want to be known for one style of music, one topic i talk about, and one type of fanbase, i want to be very versatile, but keep it real at the same time! And of course a couple awards would be nice in the future!

 2) It’s hard to choose my favorite style of production, being that i do so many! I like making music to whatever mood im in at the moment, to be honest! But, my main types of sounds i go for is that wavy, PARTYNEXTDOOR, type of beats, some real good sounds to vibe to! Then again, i love to do some good, party beats, the ones that gets crowd hype and turnt! It really narrows down to those two for my favorites! Even though i do much more than just those.

3) My influences vary so widely! They go from people like,Tupac and N.W.A, to people like Post Malone, and Justin Bieber! Theres honestly so many people that have influenced my music throughout my life, so ill narrow it down to who influences me, as of right now! One being PARTYNEXTDOOR, i think his style of music is dope and unique! Everyone seems to love that dark, chill, wavy vibe. Another artist would have Future, that dude is good! He’s another one that has that unique flow and voice, something no one has really even heard or done before. Travis Scott is a big one for me right now, he just has another unique style if flow and production in his music, everyone messes with! Iggy Azalea is a big one too! I’m just playin, but i am influenced by an underground artist named Johnny Rain! If you have’nt heard of him, deffinatly look him up, so slept on right now, it’s crazy! He got that dark, wavy, Toronto type vibe to him too! And my last option would have to be, Mac Miller. Being we’re both from Pittsburgh, so i gotta show love, and he’s just a cool ass guy! Music and personality! A lot of his music is really deep and in touch with his inner thoughts, but he also has tracks that you can just have fun to, great well-rounded artist!


4) My next project will be sometime in the month of February! I have enough songs to put out for the next two years or so, but it’s all about timing. So probably once a month for now! Right now, i’m putting out my slow stuff, but when you hear whats going to be dropping near summer, and that transitional period from slow to hype music, you will be so surprised! People are going to love it! I don’t want to give too much away, but just be

5) Music has always shaped my life, since i was a baby, literally! I started piano wen i was 5, taught myself guitar at 8, then started playing other instruments in middle school, music has always been my passion! It’s really my outlet, people have a diary, i have a notepad, that i write my feelings on it. Whether it’s about a tough time i’m going through with a girl, or with myself, or some party i wanna talk about, it’s an audio movie about my life! And it’s a way i like to stunt on people haha! Some people go and wild out to stunt on an ex, or on those who don’t think they’re gonna make it, me, i write a dope ass song!

My favorite song I’ve ever done is one that is not released yet, It’s one of transitional songs i was talking about, engineered by Sandro and JWavy of KAOS, shouts out to them! This one is a banger i promise! But one i have out right now called “Interlude” is my favorite production wise and just the sound of it! It’s just a chill ass song you can sit back and really vibe too, and since i know the story behind the second verse. (which is about a party these two girls took me and .milo. too, and when we got there, it was at some trap in the hood of Dallas, and we knew noone there, and the girls ended up so gone, we had no ride home, so me and .milo. were stuck there bored as hell! Haha)



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