MK is a dope artist you should be aware of in 2016! go check out his dope music! He has a unique style that should be recognized among the Hiphop community. 

Who are your top 5 fav artists?

 What inspires your music?

 What style of production do you like?

 When do you have more projects coming out?

 Give us your bio

Jay z has to be my second pick as the legend he is? He was a big influencer as well his

Nas: brought that NYC dealer flow to my eyes and how i seen him as a realist with his concepts of choice he’s another big influencer of mines

Methods is another favorite of mines, he always had weird Hiphop video with the contacts & baseball gloves, he definitely showed me it was okay to be you & be creative

I started listening to Styles P from Notorious BIG but I was always more into in solo mixtapes with DJ green lantern beasting those Vinny idol beats

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