Marcellas Clay

Marcellas Clay is a great artist that is very worthy of our recognition. His style is unique and well developed. Check out his dope new music and interview! We got to sit down and ask him these questions!

tell us your recording process, on your mixtape which song means the most to you?How can your sound change Hiphop, , based on your specific music style who is one rapper you would like to work with, What do you love about music in general

I have a new Album out called ( Unbreakable) “Fallen” means the most to me.


My sound will change the music if Hiphop and pop because its unique and every song is based on a true event


I will love to work with tech9


Music is the center of the world, every where we go its going to music be in your ear. Music means everything to me, when i cry i cry in my song, i put the feeling into my words. When i feel any type of way, all that energy goes into my songs. When you think of music you will think of me

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