We got the chance to do a dope interview with AJD and he had some really enlightening answers. A very dope artist with a smart mind. Cant wait to hear more from him. Go check out his dope new song! 


Tell us about your music

My music is just an explanation of who i am and what i do, my thoughts, what i envision. I’m really trying to get my music out here fr though cause i feel like i could get famous one day and i’m just ready. Is the world ready though? 


I’m 20 years old i was born in Detroit, moved around Michigan my whole life. My dad grew up with Eminem and he always told me stories about him, but listening to Em and old school hip-hop had me memorizing lyrics at a young age and when i was in 9th grade i started recording. When i lived on 8 mile is when i really started taking music seriously and believed that i could really make it one day


“Accomplish Muscially” I hope to sell out the Palace one day and just shut it down. There’s no bigger dream that i’ve ever had than to have all of Detroit just rocking with me. Oh and i’m trying to win a couple Grammy’s too haha


I get inspiration from my songs because what i say is what i do. I keep it real and when i see/hear people bumping any of my work it’s the best feeling in the world because they mess with me


My favorite style of production is a slower beat with heavy bass that i can just go on.



When is your next project?

is the project i’m currently working on and you’ll catch it on DatPiff, SoundCloud, YouTube, EVERYWHERE (especially in your car) later on this month/early February


My most meaningful song is a song that i never released because it’s about my mom and dad and my childhood, i don’t know if i’ll ever drop it though. My most meaningful song that is actually out though is Mob Got The Crown because i think that’s the song that really let the world and myself know that i got the sound and i’m ready

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