Trap Avengers: Prophecy


Tell us about your musical goals 

1. my real goal is to bring my realness into the rap game. I’m broke and don’t drive fancy cars, i’m just a regular rapper from a little city.

Who are your top 5 fav artists 
2. my top five right now is Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Freddie Gibbs, Vince Staples, and Earl Sweatshirt. All they songs stay on repeat.
Whats your greatest musical accomplishment 
3.releasing my first project Yard Sale, it may sound like it was done a basement (cuz it was was), its still mines and i’m glad some people are starting to recognize and listen to my sound of music
What is your main inspiration 
4.truthfully when i’m writing a song I gotta have anime on lol, it may sound weird but anime can bring a creative side out of you.
How do you hope to positively impact music 
5. by showing its not the end of the world if you’re a rapper with no money, if you’re in it for the money anyway your not going to be successful in my opinion because money can come and go, music is life, not to sound corny lol
Tell us about your start in music 
6. I notice I was good at rhyming in 6th grade. We had to write a peom and read it to the whole class, I got up and read mines and was surprise when everybody clapped they hands and telling me i did a great job, you couldn’t tell my 12 year old self nothing then. But i got real serious my senior year of high school, this is when i saved up all my money and bought all of my studio equipment, it took a while to learn how to use everything,its still a learning process but i use the little things i learned and dropped LowBudget Fun (First EP) and my debut mxtape Yard Sale. M first rap name was wicked prophet, it was a name i got from a wu tang name generator, then i shorten the name into prophet because wicked on it made it sound corny, then a random i just decided to call myself Prophecy, dont know why just did. it means future so that might be why i changed it into that.
 I couldn’t do half these things without my team Trap Avengers, thats my small team with big imaginations and I love them dude for that, they helped pass out my mixtape out at malls, Mcdonalds, school, and at they work place. It’s cool having them type of friends around, they honest and dont hold they tongue, if soething garbage they the first one’s to tell me and that’s all i need around my circle.

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