Listen to music from GUTTHEORY
GUTTHEORY is a Rap/Hip Hop group from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bringing true sound back to the genre. Created by Gain Daily and Sayit Blatant.
 What is your favorite thing about music?

 Who are top influences?

 What’s your favorite style of production?

 What’s your message to the world?

 Go into depth about your recording process


Favorite thing about music is the source of communication it provides … I also like to research the topics we choose to write songs about .. ” Sellf Educating, Whilst Creating ..” I’d have to say my biggest influence would be everything out of the east in the 90s especially WU.. Lol.. My message to the world is LISTEN.. Pay attention to the shit u put in your ear or anyone else’s for that matter .. Let’s take Hip Hop back to the elements .. Let’s implement that grit again !!.. GUTTHEORY is Gain Daily (myself) and Sayit Blatant .. We’ve been doing this nearly 15 years.. My pen never stops I write everyday .. And Blatant is an MC aswell as Producer .. We do our thing in the Basement man.. We love the underground and when we come together for the cause we like to bring knowledge to the table aswell as the real ability to rhyme.. No candy coated BS… Multi’s, GOOD beats, and realism …

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