Julius Lopez



Julius Lopez is one of dopest emcees going into the new year. He has a unique style and a great knowledge of how to rock the the mic right. We got the chance to do an interview with him and ask him the following Questions. 

What’s your perspective on Hiphop?

1. My perspective is that hiphop is a form of art, used through stories and punchlines. It’s something that makes everyday life a little more exciting, it’s something that can’t just drop off the earth. Hiphop will never die. Hip hop started in 79′ with The SugarHill Gang (not the first rap song but the first commercially successful rap song. It started the genre “rap”

 Who are some of your influences?

2. This is hard haha 1. Mac miller, 2. Biggie 3. Wu-Tang 4. Joey badass 5. Kendrick Lamar

Do you have any new projects coming out? 

3. I don’t know when I’m gunna drop my newest project I’m gunna drop another song in 2 weeks and after that I’m working only a mixtape.

What inspires you? 

4. What inspires me is music. Music is the only thing that I think I’m good at, whenever I’m just mad at everything and I just want to go off on a tangent I juts rock my head the Biggie’s song with Method Man “The What” Because its “fuck the world they ain’t ask me for shit, everything you get you gotta work hard for it” I’m not poor so its not like I’m saying I have nothing but that song inspires me to keep pushing and pursue my dreams in music.

5. My message to the world is everybody isn’t going to show you love and respect and you don’t have to earn that. You have to love and respect yourself. I believe you can achieve anything if you truly want it.

6. The person that’s helped me the most is my mom. My mom has been a single mother ever since my dad left and she works hard everyday for my sister and I. I have nothing but respect for her, she’s the one that told me if you truly want something you can get it.

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