When you hear the name Bosh Dotti, it’s safe to say you’re in the presence of one of the hottest new artists of the year. Bosh Dotti comes with a fantastic aura on the mic and delivers catchy tracks that are sure to get everyone vibing. It’s clear to see this young man has a … More BOSH DOTTI


CNN gives us some wild trap influence and incredible musical taste of modern times. His songs are very radio friendly…He also has dope vocal delivery. Truly a great artist.  Check our exclusive interview with him here!  tell us your recording process, which one of your songs means the most to you?How can your sound change … More CNN


What are your musical goals? – My goal is to simply share the art that me and my friends create, all over the world. I want to create music that enables listeners to relate and uplift them to realize, anything is possible. What is your favorite production style? – I like to switch it up … More RiCHEY

The Wiz

The Wiz gave us a dope interview that really enlightened us. We’re loving the direction he’s going and we want him to win in 2016. His answers show that intelligence is still prominent in Hiphop. Go check him out! 1) Who are your influences? Well musically, I don’t have a lot of direct influences, but two … More The Wiz


Jewfro is a dope artist who has been releasing consistent music for a while. We love his style and versatility when he’s rocking a track be sure to check him out!  Who are your top 5 artists, What is your favorite style of production, can you give us your bio?, when is your next project going … More Jewfro

Heem Stogied

Heem Stogied is a dope emcee that needs to be recognized. I love the boom bap style production that he employs and his clever lyrics. I’m reminded of true Hiphop in glimpses as I listen to his music and vibe with the sounds. Definitely love this mans music. – Indie Hiphop Promo We got the … More Heem Stogied

KIAN When we heard these dope tracks we were in love with how they sounded. Killer sound and dope music all around. Our team has been vibing with KIAN for a while and we wish him all the success in this new year! – Indie Hiphop Promo What are your musical goals? What is your favorite production style? … More KIAN