Shay-D Kid

Shay- D Kid has a unique style that is very interesting to say the least. He believes in his craft and goes in on the mic. We can’t wait to hear from this artist as he gives us brilliantly crafted songs. – Indie Music Promo  Born and raised in a suburb just outside of Toronto, … More Shay-D Kid

Matt Smith

“Matt Smith is a new artist who comes through with some R&B vocals and dope lyrics. We love this flavor and are thoroughly enjoying his work” – Indie Music Promo   Hailing from Hammond, La., 21 year old Matt Smith preps for his first official project, “The Book of Matt Smith”, with his first single … More Matt Smith

Jay Made It: CJ Flo

  The Heart Of Chicago is quite a touching track that our team over here at Indie Music Promo is currently in love with. The production is smooth, and the emcee speaks nothing but truth over the instrumentation. Jay goes for an emotional but yet catchy delivery and his flow sounds effortless as he navigates … More Jay Made It: CJ Flo

Jon Oh!

  Who are you’re top 5 influences?  “Mac Dre, Eazy-E, Tupac, Z-RO, Keith Murray” What does Hiphop mean to you? “Hip-hop is life man. Think about it. People use hip hop to escape reality a lot of the time. You can harness energy from the music and use it too your liking” What are you’re … More Jon Oh!


Tell us a little about your artistic background ” I always loved music as a kid. Riding in my brother’s acura while he blasted Get rich or die trying, Tupac, biggie etc. I started writing poetry in the third grade. Wrote my first rap for some girl I had a crush on, and She liked … More Narsy

Otis Mensah

Otis Mensah is “a young story-teller-rapper-poet with a mesmerising delivery and a talent for drawing the poetic from the everyday happenings in his life.” The 1000 Monkeys (Spoken Word/Poetry Group).The alternative hip-hop artist has risen from a new wave; age and era which embraces a contemporary take on a nostalgic authenticity in hip-hop music. The … More Otis Mensah