With a soulful instrumental P.A.T includes well developed lyricism into his song “Searchin“. These lyrics are well rounded and thought provoking with plenty of wordplay. Staying true to the culture of Hip-Hop, P.A.T is certainly an upcoming artist you will not want to pass on. He is musically set to be on par with the greats.

tell us your recording process

“My recording process is fairly simple, I don’t write music unless I’m inspired. Usually my songs are written or already memorized in my head before I even step in the studio to record because I hate to waste time. Lately I’ve been writing in the studio since I’ve purchased a building and put my own studio in it”

on your mixtape which song means the most to you?

 “All of my songs mean the most to me. I’ve recorded over 100+ songs for this project and haven’t even begun to sonically or chronologically put together a track listing”

How can your sound change Hiphop?

“My sound won’t change hip hop, but what it will do is bring back that feeling of nostalgia. It’s hip hop in pure form, the art of sampling and rhyming, taking older songs and giving them new life”

based on your specific music style who is one rapper you would like to work with?

“I would love to work with AZ. Always been a fan of him and Nas. Still waiting on them to put an album together”

What do you love about music in general?

 I love music because it’s M.U.S.I.C. : Many Unique Stories Inspiring Creativity.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mental_floss817

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