Ty Slatter

Ty Slatter is one of the most innovative new artists of the generations. His sound is very enlightening and refreshing. His vocal delivery is on par, and his flow is similar to classic emcees although, he employs a darker production style with some trap influence. We got the blessing to have an exclusive interview with him and ask him some questions.

Who are your top 5 fav artists 

My Top 5 MCs include the following:
– LL Cool J
– Biggie
– Jay Z
– Ma$e

Tell us about your musical goals 

2. As a Hip-Hop artist coming from Indianapolis one of my biggest goals includes bringing a Platinum Plaque back to my hometown. I also want to collaborate with up and coming Hip-Hop and R&B talent from my city as well as others from the Midwest Region. Once I reach those levels of success I would love to move into acting in movies and helping produce soundtracks like the ones from classic urban movies I grew up on.

Whats your greatest musical accomplishment 

3. One of my greatest musical accomplishments was when Hot 96.3 chose my single “Reality Check” from my Legacy project titled “Destiny”

What is your main inspiration 

4. My main inspiration is my love for music and my late great grandmother’s love for music. She raised me surrounded by soul music from Motown to Philly Soul to southern Rhythm and Blues.

How do you hope to positively impact music 

5. I hope to inspire my generation to not only get back to the lyrics in hip-hop but to also be yourself. I’m not a drug dealer or a gangster but I’ve experienced a lot being surrounded by those who are influenced by that lifestyle. I want to be the voice of reason that inspires the youth to find their own passion and create their own destiny.

Tell us about your start in music

6. I started writing music in the summer of 2006 when my great grandmother passed away. I originally loved art class and drawing during my free time, but once she passed, I went into a deep depression. Due to feeling misunderstood by my family, writing was my only way to vent and express my true feelings. My first time recording was in a trap house and I remember the mic was taped to a wall in the closet and a mattress was used to sound proof the booth. After that I started recording in various basement and apartment studios ran by people I went to high school with at Lawrence Central. Once I got to Ball State I linked up with my original producer/engineer Tyler Tony who gave me access to my first official recording studio in Sursa Music Hall and the rest is history!

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