Aste Mari

Aste Mari is a dope new artist our team came across. Her unique style caught our attention. Her soulful voice fits perfectly over the Hiphop production she uses in her tracks. Influenced by dope Hiphop music and Soulful R&B, Aste Mari combines the genre into a style of her own. She has big plans for the music industry and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the table in this new new year. 

Tell us about your musical goals?

“My musical goals are always going to morph and grow as my career ascends, but at this moment my goals are to heal, inspire, create good vibrations, bring awareness and knowledge, and connect people together including myself. My favorite artists are my best friends in my head and i feel the connection in my soul, it’s very real. Also, I’m beating the game of life and the game of the system by living my dreams and doing exactly what i want to do.”

Who are your top 5 fav artists?

“Thats a hard question, In no particular order, its gonna have to be Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar Whats your greatest musical accomplishment My greatest musical accomplishment is teaching myself how to record, mix, and master independently because it was the start of my journey, and it taught me [and is still teaching me] a lot about the journey of an artist.”

What is your main inspiration Life itself?

“Everything about this waking existence we call life. How do you hope to positively impact music I hope to aid in the restoring of quality and talent in the music world. It seems that these days if you have a gimmick or some cash you can get a hit, and thats fine but raw talent should always be crowned when it comes down to it.”

Tell us about your start in music

“I come from a very artistic open minded family. My dad is a great singer and musician, he had his own band in the 80’s but he sacrificed his dreams to take care of his family [my brother and myself] . He used to sing to me when I was in my moms stomach and she says I would move around all crazy. My parents always played the best music around me from a lot of different genres, and i started singing at around 2. I was a shy child but i couldn’t help but to participate in the school talent shows. At 10 my dad took me to get a keyboard and I began teaching myself how to play keys. When I went to church I sang in the choir, got some great practice in with Fred Martin. High School is when i started to get more public with my artistry. I was in choir and I sang the national anthem. After high school I was really ready to start doing my own thing but I couldn’t get to anyones studio. Eventually I was like “ill just make my own”. Youtube was awesome help with that, and ever since I’ve just been exploring myself as an artist.”

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