LoneWolf Inc.

LoneWolf Inc.

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Our blog got the special opportunity to do an exclusive interview with one of the dopest artists around!

Tell us about your music?

I first started in music when I first heard cleaning out my closet. I remember bcz I grabbed a pen and pad trying to write a song and I couldn’t even write a sentence yet

What is your favorite song you’ve ever done?

Honestly my favorite song is what ever song I work on next. I feel with every song I progress with every lyric. But if I had to choose it was a song I wrote back when I was in rehab called ” The Cure”. I never released it tho because I felt like it was to heart breaking for my family to hear

What is your writing process?

My writing process happens in many different ways. Some times I hear a beat and it’s like it tells me what to say and other time I’ll find my self writing down notes and making them into something later on.


Do you have any projects coming up?

  I do ! I have a few old school remixes and a mixtape I will be dropping shortly ! One of the remixes is of a of the sneak peeks I sent to you. I have it finished but I really want to focus on getting a nice master to it and a nice visual. But pretty much everyday I start on something new and I’m always thinking of ways to do different things in the music industry too.

What do you love about Hiphop?

 5. The thing I love about hip hop is that it’s a whole new way to express what you feel at the moment or just to release some Dope bars and turn it into a art piece. Hip hop has always been in life and it has always helped me in so many ways to understand people that come from my same walk of life. I personally like all the hip hop artist coming up in the game then most already in it. Alot of it you can’t even understand or its all about bitches and money. But all the people that are OGs in the industry they are still killing it with every track released

What makes you unique as an artist?

  I personally don’t like to brag about my music. I feel like there’s already to many cocky artist that only focus talking about what they got other then what they can do. But I think what separates me from the rest is my unique word play and lyrics. And the way I can express my past or emotions and not be scared of what people will think. Alot of artist don’t talk about there demons and skeletons in the closet. But I feel like pain is the best way to mold a real artist. If you don’t have pain in your life you don’t have real music.

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