Six Millz


Six Millz blesses us with one of the dopest mixtapes we’ve heard in a while. Excellent production, dope rhymes, and killer content. Indie Music Promo finds this emcee to be one of the most talented in his genre. Go check out his music now and show some love to this hard working artist who is dying to body your favorite rapper. 

tell us your recording process

Man every time I hit the studio Its like stepping back on that football field. Lacing them cleats up to give my all once again…. Practice not to be perfect but to progress. I always got my red bulls Gatorade and water on me. So many takes so much time just to get that right sound. I have a great engineer that also helps produce some of my music. This all new to me. This my first project so I want everything right. I’m open minded; I here what people got to say cause it may help me. End of session… Always a success.

 on your mixtape which song means the most to you?

That’s a hard one. All grind probably cause I came out and first time ever opening up, telling my business to strangers! Haha it was real though it was raw, story telling, a lot of emotions. However whole team was a song dedicated to my 06 team. “House packed, with some young nighas so that house strapped, Fukin rat told on us got the whole house cracked”. Google Bremerton high school raid code “drug pharmacy” that was my whole team. This is an underrated song. A lot of ppl I got it with and WAS THERE love this song. Them my top 2 tho

 On your song “All Grind” what was one thing you had in mind when creating the visual.

All grind the visual had to be gritty. So me and my cameraman was in Central America ended up in Honduras. We knew this place was perfect cause like the roads were half paved half dirt, the locals love us. Cops walk around with assault riffles and shot guns. It was the perfect visual. Where we actually shot was on accident. We had our driver take us to get weed. So we went to the slums got all the dirt weed and told the driver to take us to get papers. We thought we were going to the store but he took us out in this little cut off the main streets. That’s when we bumped into all these locals strapped up an shit. I thought we were gettin robbed they was hella coo. Ended up burning with them and shootin a shot there. Came home and want the rest to be simple. It’s my first video I wasn’t tryin to do too much. So I kept it real simple shot the rest on a cold ass night in Seattle haha

How can your sound change Hiphop

!  Man I feel like I can keep the music coming. Not just have one hit. But hit after hit after hit. Plus I’m not just rapping. I’m actually talking bout somethin. I’m sharing what I think, my feelings and what I see

based on your specific music style who is one rapper you would like to work with,

Man Kevin Gates haha he all out there man I rok wit him. Plus he a great artist singer and rapper. But Wale always been one of my favorites.

On your tape “less or nothing” how do you feel it has been percieved

 I think people still getting it. Imma just drop more visuals and people will go check it out more haha I feel like if you don’t got a fan base. A visual catches the viewers eye and if you hot they gone find one way or another to here what else you talkin bout. So “Less of Nothin” jus in the crockpot. The right people listening to it. So we just going to keep pushing it while I work on this new mixtape. For my first project I thought less of nothin was great. 6 solid tracks put my nighas on. Now my new one im working on is just going to focus more on Six Millz and let y’all know more about me and my story, my ups, my downs.

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