Krush The Bars-barian


Krush The Bars-barian is one of the dopest artists of the year with an underground sound. We love his beat selection and his flow is simply off the charts amazing. His music as a whole reminds us of that classic 90’s sound with mind blowing lyrics. Great to see this artists contributing to the genre of Hiphop in such an evident way. Truly a great pic for underground emcee of the year. – Indie Music Promo

Can you answer these questions.

Who is your favorite emcee
Do you have any new projects coming soon?
    Album: DGA coming in 2016
Give us your bio
    K-Krush-h first starting displaying rhymes on the streets of Detroit in the late 1990s. Around 1997, he emerged as a well known mc coming out of Cass Technical Highschool & later at Wayne State University. He made his way around with a group named Kingz who also came about during that time frame. He’s displayed his rhymes at numerous talent shows, on buses, and any outside area in Detroit in order to show his hunger for hip-hop exposure. His primary focus as an artist is to define life through rhymes to provide his fans with that wow factor. He’s also displayed talent at beat production featured on previous PX Production releases.
Whats your favorite song you’ve ever done
    The Art from the Discharge album.

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