Myrical Almighty

Myrical Almighty comes through with incredible lyrical skill and passion in his music. One of our top pics of the year. A true talent to his generation. We can’t wait until his music hits it big, for it will truly be an exciting time.

What does Hiphop mean to you?

Hip hop to me is defined as a special type of urban art. There is alot that goes along with hip hop. We use hip hop in our daily lives whether its from music to sports etc.

Myrical Almighty

What do you look forward to in your career?

In my career i look forward to being signed to a major label an of course touring an spreading my music all across the world. Hopefully i will be able to be a blessing to people thru my music.

Myrical Almighty

What is your favorite song that you yourself have made?

So far i have 2 favorite songs that i made so far. “Lost Angel and No Love No More. Both of those songs are inspirational an motivational songs. In those songs i spoke about my life an how i view the world an whats going on in it today. I speak about being yourself an not letting haters tear you down as well.

Myrical Almighty

Do you have any new projects coming out?

Im currently working on a new mixtape titled “Trill America”. I will release that mixtape January 24, 2016.

Myrical Almighty

Can you tell us about your background?

A little about my background i was born an raised in Atlanta, GA. I started doing music in high school at the age of 16. I remember being in class with my friend an we woild sometimes start doing beats on the desks an i would start freestylin out loud with my friends. Later on right after high school thats when i actually got into the studio an started making real songs. It was a tough start i admit. I had to find my sound an perfect my craft for a few years. Now i can say i have it all downpacked. I have alot of family support with my music. I was featured on a t.v. show back in 2011 called Before The Fame which aired on MTV. Thats where i got my first big break. It was a very awesome experience. Throughout the years i have done many shows in Atlanta, Florida, Michigan, an Texas so far. My fan base is still on the rise. My music career is going very well so far. I have alot in store for the world.

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