Tell us a little about your artistic background

” I always loved music as a kid. Riding in my brother’s acura while he blasted Get rich or die trying, Tupac, biggie etc. I started writing poetry in the third grade. Wrote my first rap for some girl I had a crush on, and She liked it. So I was like “I can really do this.” I taught myself how to play the guitar and the keyboard and played the saxophone for band in 8th grade. I started producing beats when I was in 10th grade. So music’s really been my thing forever. I find inspiration from all genres of music except for country. That’s what really opens up my mind to try different things. I can’t keep myself boxed in one place.” 

Do you have any upcoming projects?

“I got something in the works dropping late 2016”

What is your biggest inspiration?

“My biggest inspiration is life really. All the things that inspire me”

Who are your favorite artists?
“Nas is number one. Then I would say MF Doom , Capital Steez, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Grier Smith”

Whats your favorite song you have ever done?

My favorite song that I have done so far would be Stick Shift. I had the most fun recording and producing that one.


Narsy delivers some depth and substance in his recordings posted via Soundcloud. We’re loving his flow and the way he delivers his lyrics. His project is slated for release next year which will give him time to make a great album we know he is capable of. Time and time again we see examples of Narsy coming through with memorable tracks that will get you thinking. One component of Narsy that we like the most is his outlook on life. He is not in a box, and refuses to let people make him into something he is not. Truly a unique figure in this game full of copy cats and frauds. We look forward to hearing what brilliant music Narsy has for us next! – Indie Hiphop Promo

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