Jon Oh!

BBQ Grill Artwork Remix


Who are you’re top 5 influences? 

“Mac Dre, Eazy-E, Tupac, Z-RO, Keith Murray”

What does Hiphop mean to you?
“Hip-hop is life man. Think about it. People use hip hop to escape reality a lot of the time. You can harness energy from the music and use it too your liking”
What are you’re top 5 albums?
 187um Killa(Eazy-E) | Me Against The World (Pac) | Beats, Rhymes, & Life (Tribe Called Quest) | We Come Strapped (MC Eiht) | Ready To Die (Biggie Smalls
Do you have any upcoming projects?
Yes I have a project that will be released in the next few months titled “Your Favorite Black Guy”
In what ways do you see yourself growing as an artist?
Well for starters I’m learning to play several instruments to enhance my stage show.  I also see myself expanding my music into other forms of art.  For example I want to turn lots of my works (music) into films, as well as novels. A few books filled with haikus and other forms of poetry.  Inspire some paintings maybe, I aim to be creativity in the flesh.
Jon Oh! is all about the lyricism. When I listen to this artists songs I get old school flow, and clever thought out lyrics that make me stop and think. I love his carefree delivery and smoothness as an emcee. This is very respectable in the form of Hiphop. One thing I really enjoy about Jon Oh’s music is his sense of rhythm within his rhyme structure. It’s never boring and I find myself quite interested in his topics. Overall, we think Jon Oh! is a dope young artist and we can’t wait to hear more!

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