Jay Made It: CJ Flo


The Heart Of Chicago is quite a touching track that our team over here at Indie Music Promo is currently in love with. The production is smooth, and the emcee speaks nothing but truth over the instrumentation. Jay goes for an emotional but yet catchy delivery and his flow sounds effortless as he navigates topics throughout the instrumental. One thing I love about this artist is his ability to deliver a message to an audience and have it make complete sense. We look forward to seeing more from this artist! – Indie Hiphop Promo


Whats your favorite song you have ever done?                                                   “My favorite song actually changes a lot. By me doing my own mixing I always end up listening to each new song a million times in order to get a decent mix. As of now, I would say that “The Heart of Chicago” is my favorite song. I’m sure that will change in the near future though”

Do you have any upcoming projects?
-I am current recording tracks but I do not have a specific project that is underway. My goal for my next project is to put a lot of my life into it, and also to do features with some of the hiphop artists that I hear around Chicago.
What is your biggest inspiration?
-My biggest inspiration is the way I see myself. Im 23 and Im no where near where I should be at in life. I actually have no clue which path in life to take. What I do know is that my feelings towards my life keep me wanting more. They keep me woking.
Who are your favorite artists?
 -My favorite artists are: Eminem, Andre 3000, Cassidy, Kanye, Kendrick, J. Cole . Pretty much anyone with substance. I strongly hate the mainstream music that I hear today. I also love metaphors a lot!
Whats your bio?
– I was born and raised in Chicago. My brother Jay and I actually started producing instrumentals with a Demo copy of FlStudios that a buddy had given me. After we started to get good with the software, we started to record songs. These songs were very terrible.haha . After years of tormenting our supporters with ear torture we would finally find a sound that fit us. Currently we reside in the South Suburbs of Chicago and we work everyday to keep our social media updated with new content.
#SeeJayFlow | Booking: SeeJayFlow@Gmail.com | Twitter: @_RealCjFlo | SeeJayFlow.Tumblr.com |Facebook.com/TheRealCJFlo | Instagram: @CjHardie @JJBlessed_|

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