With a soulful instrumental P.A.T includes well developed lyricism into his song “Searchin“. These lyrics are well rounded and thought provoking with plenty of wordplay. Staying true to the culture of Hip-Hop, P.A.T is certainly an upcoming artist you will not want to pass on. He is musically set to be on par with … More P.A.T

Ty Slatter

Ty Slatter is one of the most innovative new artists of the generations. His sound is very enlightening and refreshing. His vocal delivery is on par, and his flow is similar to classic emcees although, he employs a darker production style with some trap influence. We got the blessing to have an exclusive interview with him … More Ty Slatter

Aste Mari

Aste Mari is a dope new artist our team came across. Her unique style caught our attention. Her soulful voice fits perfectly over the Hiphop production she uses in her tracks. Influenced by dope Hiphop music and Soulful R&B, Aste Mari combines the genre into a style of her own. She has big plans for … More Aste Mari

Mannie- Background Checks

https://soundcloud.com/ogbma/mannie-background-checks  https://twitter.com/ogbma    His real name is Joseph Mannie Charles. He’s a dope artist who just relocated from Fort Carson. This 24 year old emcee is making amazing music that we cant get enough of. In his new song “Background Checks” he blesses the mic with excellent vocal delivery, catchy content, and a good ear … More Mannie- Background Checks

Nobility: Be Safe

When we got the email from Nobility we were instantly surprised. His lyrics, production, and recording quality are far above his years. With his project we get some great music that you can really vibe out too regardless of scenario. Listening to this project has really left us in a positive space because of the … More Nobility: Be Safe

Myrical Almighty

Myrical Almighty comes through with incredible lyrical skill and passion in his music. One of our top pics of the year. A true talent to his generation. We can’t wait until his music hits it big, for it will truly be an exciting time. What does Hiphop mean to you? Hip hop to me is defined … More Myrical Almighty