Jack Marriott

“My music its like being able to breath, like if you’re in the middle of London and go to the country side to take in a big breath.”Thats how it feels once I finished a track” image1

“Thunderclouds is my favorite song i’ve ever done. I love Jay Z, Kanye West Lupe Fiasco & MGK but I’m a lover of all music
I’m working on a mixtape called Cambridge to Michigan  with a rapper and friend from Detroit Jordan Burress who goes by the stage name prophet the we should have the single out soon. And I’m working with a local band on some rock stuff “
Here at Indie Music Promo, we love Jack Marriott’s music. He has great taste and gives us beautiful music. He also has a great image as an artist. You can notice how passionate he is about what he does. We’re very excited for the plethora of new material he has been working on. We’re sure that this artist is here to stay. He also dabbles in rock as well as Hiphop, but one thing that we love the most is his taste in emcees. From Kanye to MGK, he clearly picks artists that are considered legends. With his passionate vocal delivery it’s obvious that Jack Marriott is here to stay and we look forward to even more from this great artist!

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