Jimik comes with absolute fire on his tracks full of passion and determination. We get an image of a kid who wants to succeed in Hiphop and this really gives us the competitive spirit we love. One thing we love the most about Jimik is his ability to switch his flows fast and use different cadences while he’s rapping on a beat. His image is just as fresh and clean as his flow. When we’re listening to Jimik it’s obvious he’s to be a serious threat to the rap game when he decides to release the heat he’s sitting on. If he keeps dropping good content like what he has been..these rappers don’t stand a chance. We got to do a short interview with him and this is what he said.
An Interview With Jimik
My top 5 influences would be
1.Kanye West
3.Kendrick Lamar
4.Kid Cudi
5.Speaker Knockerz
What does Hiphop mean to you?
Hip-Hop means life to me! I found myself writing lyrics since I was 14 but Its all about expressing yourself and telling your story cause we all have one since I was a kid without a dad his whole life I could relate so I would say Hip-Hop/Rap music is everything to me.
What are you’re top 5 albums?
Logic-The Incredible True Story
Kanye West- Yeezus
Kid Cudi -Man On The Moon End of Day
Speaker Knockerz – Married To The Money 2
Kendrick Lamar- Good Kid M.A.A.D City
Do you have any upcoming projects?
I got an upcoming project called Reality its a work in progress so far, but I been working on it but  It’s coming… I focus more on a concept of my own life experiences and what I see, heard, and lived through down the road.
In what ways do you see yourself growing as an artist?
I see myself growing as artist, however I think back to when I started. People used to make a fun of me for being a rapper/recording artist asking me to freestyle at lunch, but I learned that it takes time to better your craft. I produce, write, and record my own stuff. I see myself as creative, inspiring, and passionate artist who has no quit with music. I guess it been this way my entire life. I always find time for music. I guess I’m saying I’ve follow my dreams til I die…
Jimik (@Jimik704) | Twitter

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