Young Haze – Lost Control “The Movie”

Our team is very happy to announce a new talent we’ve found. Young Haze – Lost Control “The Movie” uses incredible lyricism and great production for a song people are going to love. I’m loving the visual and feel. This is the video for Young Haze’s newest single Lost Control off his UPCOMING MIXTAPE “Lean and Fast Food 2. We’re loving the way this artist comes off with a very real approach and manages not to be corny or dissonant. With incredible work like this, We’re sure Young Haze is going to go far.
Here’s an interview we did with him.
“My first influence I would say is my little sister. Her presence pretty much inspired me to leave the negative aspects of my life alone and pursue music.
Second would be my father, I have been favoring music for a while, but he has always kind of undermined it. Now it’s time that I proved him wrong haha.
Third would be the artist Eminem. He has been my favorite artist since I was in elementary school. I appreciated the fact that he was just so different and care free. He inspired the comedic substance included in my music.
Fourth I would say is Lil Wayne or more specifically “Mixtape Weezy”. His resilience and go getter attitude inspired me to hit music full throttle and never let up.
Fifth would be my extended family as a whole. Everyone in my family as I was growing up has either been an athlete or something else big and important. I’ve always just been that quiet Stokes kid with good grades. I have been striving to show that I have a bigger purpose.
My style is similar to a mixture between Lil Wayne Eminem with a sprinkle of The Weeknd. I come with the aggression and consistency of Wayne, the comedic approach of Em and the soft spoken reminiscent emotion of the Weeknd.
In five years I see myself partnering with several companies in order to make the OnMe Entertainment music group bigger than life. I want to establish my presence  as an artist before I establish my presence as a mogul.
I do have an upcoming project entitled Lean And Fast Food 2. This is a continuation of a tape I dropped my freshman year of college. I feel that this is a more serious approach from my music though. I have finally came to terms with my identity as an artist. I will soon be releasing a follow up single to the video I just released. The name of the single will be Milk”
Instagram @YoungHaze
Twitter @HazeSmashedUp

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