Gio Martin Feat. Yalee – Lowkey Part 2

This is the Official audio for “Gio Martin Feat. Yalee – Lowkey Part 2”. This high tempo, fast paced club banger is sure to bring out the best of any sound system. By way of New Jersey, Gio Martin links up with Ohio boy, Yalee to bring a nice new flavor to modern hiphop culture.

We’re vibing out over here in the office writing about this. This is without question going to played everywhere in the next couple months. We get great flows, pro audio and incredible wordplay by the emcees as they both murder this instrumental with ideal chemistry. When I say this track is hot, I’m talking this is one of the hottest songs i’ve heard all year. The production is ominous and dark with a gritty edge and the lyricism is absolutely on point. One thing i particularly noticed about this song was how absolutely infectious the groove was. This has serious hit potential and i’m looking forward to hearing more out of these guys.

NEW MUSIC: Lowkey Part 2 @GiggMusic Feat. @YaleeWorld

To be honest my main influences come from artists around me that I personally know. I do listen to big name artists but currently my only influence comes from my homies who are actually beginning to make a name for them selves such as; Naim, Yalee & Feli Fame among a few others. Naim is a huge influence for one because he is my best friend, but also because he is a true talent (Listen to his music you will understand why). His subject matter makes me want to better my self as an artist while at the same time, gives me the push to succeed because I know we are both mentally strong enough and skilled enough to go places in the industry and who better to share success with than your best friend right?

All time, my 5 biggest influences are Eminem, The Notorious B.I.G, Lil Wayne, T.I. & Jay Z. I don’t care what anyone says, Lil’ Wayne will forever be a beast and I could go on forever as to why.

In terms of popular producers and how I select my beats, I really am influenced by my homie Ron Browz. Ron is probably the only big name artist that I would say recently has been influencing my bars and way I craft my songs.

In terms of up and coming producers I really like listening to “Kid//90” beats. He is an up and coming producer from New York, NY.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see my self pursuing music, regardless of what level my artistry takes me to. It would be nice to say I see my self winning Grammy’s or performing at the VMA’s but that would be to big of an accomplishment to guarantee at this point.

To be honest I see my self doing what I love to do, with the people I love. I have a strong passion for Television Production, Photography, Videography & Music so as long as I end up in one of those fields I could not complain at all.

What does Hiphop mean to you?

To me, HipHop means being yourself, freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Hiphop allows people to unleash stress in a unique and almost therapeutic way in a sense. I make HipHop music and follow HipHop culture because it makes me feel whole and stable. Without HipHop I honestly don’t know what my purpose on this planet would be.

What inspires you more than anything?

What inspires me more than anything is seeing my close friends who have been grinding since we’ve met, achieve success on a national and even global level. I have witnessed success stories from the early stages and watched my homies grow as artists.

Yalee is one of my biggest inspirations because I met him I’d have to say like 3 years ago. Since I met him I knew he was going to be a star. We used to grind at shows in front of only maybe 50-200 people now my brother Yalee has songs on soundcloud in the millions Including his latest single Pretty Girl Dance Part 2 Feat. Fetty Wap which has over 10 million plays on Soundcloud. The music video is all over MTV, playing on tons of major radio stations and has been consigned by various DJ’s. Yalee also toured the USA with NJOMZA earlier this year and I was blessed to meet him in California and have the time of my life. He shut the stage down that night as always. It’s things like that which truly inspire me because I witnessed the climb first hand and it let’s me know that if I work hard enough, one day I will be blessed with the same opportunities.

Also, although I do not know Fetty Wap personally, we are from the same area in New Jersey and I remember when his hit song Trap Queen only had like 20,000 plays and was locally buzzing. Now a year later he is arguably the biggest name in HipHop, breaking records legends once held and topping charts with ease. Now arguably not over 100,000,000 plays on Soundcloud I can’t help but look back on seeing Trap Queen with 20k and seeing how far is has come. ESPECIALLY, with Fetty Wap being from New Jersey, it inspires me even more to succeed so that the HipHop community can see that NJ has a lot of talent to offer.

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