Graffiti Germantownking is the newest emcee on our radar. He has a classic sounding style with lots of boom bap beats and incredible wordplay. His top 5 influences are Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, J cole and Joey badass. Graffiti sees himself as a mainstream artist in the music industry touring the world.
I asked what Hiphop meant to him and he said the following “HipHop means everything to me cause it’s what got me truly started an an just seeing how far HipHop has came over the years is amazing it’s something that will never die but HipHop is very important to me” He told me the thing that inspires him the most is HipHop and watching his mother struggle to take care of him and his younger brother. He wants to work hard so when he makes it he can get his mom the dream car or house she’s always wanted.If he keeps making music like this, I have no doubt that he will go far.

“Hiphop inspires me cause I wanna bring back that HipHop sound that people really love that you don’t hear anymore and putting out a positive message with that but my mom an HipHop are my main inspirations” -Graffiti 301

Links to his music are here

Twitter: @graffitigriffy
Go check out his smooth style!

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