Young Gifted

Young Gifted is one of our new favorite artists. We’re loving his unique style.
His flow is very smooth and his delivery is on point. We’re loving the large body of work he’s been bringing to the table. If you scroll through his Soundcloud, you’re gonna notice a plethora of well produced and recorded songs that you are sure to love. His song “About us” has a smooth sample and some extra clever lyrics. I’m loving his voice on this track and I’m getting some good vibes from Young Gifted.
We got to talk to him and this is what we came up with.
Young Gifted is born In Port-auPrince Haiti and grew up in Rockland County New York. His experience as a troubled youth proved to be a benefit because he later trained to counsel drug dealers and AIDS victims. From there, he moved back to Haiti where he was given a decent job as a counselor and Health Educator in The haitian prison sytems. His gang banging days were over, but while working in the prison system in Haiti, he met his wife. Young Gifted have a daughter in the states moved to Haiti and fell in love with a female professional he met back home in Haiti. It was after meeting his new wife when Young Gifted was told he had a knack for rapping. . . .He ventured into a few recording studios and a few clubs that promoted rap artist across Haiti and DR and the rest was history. After signing onto twitter and soundcloud, he became a recognizable presence in America .
Young Gifted came up with the name “Young Gifted” . . .and he said he was naming himself after criminals when he was young – names like Young Gangster and other labels dealing with crime. When his daughters is old enough to understand what a gangster was . . .Young Gifted, quickly, changed his whole philosophy in life and renamed himself gifted rather than gangster. He wanted a more positive role model for his children and began a new path in the rap world where he rapped about making it in society as a respected individual and business man. Instead of rapping about the streets and thug life, he began rapping about making it in society as a pious individual. Later, he renamed himself Young Gifted and became a more positive image to comprehend.
What’s odd about Young Gifted’s career was the fact that he never thought about rapping while gang banging. He was a Thug, first, and later realized he could become a more positive entertainer after changing career goals and becoming a counselor instead of a prisoner. Instead of rapping about crime . .he ventured into social politics – creating a persona most educated lawyers and doctors would approve of.
Life in Haiti, today is hard Men and women have to be careful when dealing with the wrong element in Haitian society. Fortunately, Young Gifted was well trained in his career path and was able to lead a decent life style. All he wanted to do, from this point – forward, was to attend to his clients in prison and become famous rapp’n about a social ideology most upwardly mobile college students would support. What’s even more promising is the fact that Young Gifted’s wife in Haiti supports his goals in entertainment – 100%. She was the one who nudged him into picking up a microphone and spewing out a few lyrics for audience members. Fortunately, people like myself were able to find Young Gifted on a map . . or in our case, a social network and learn more about his musical style and production brand. Not very many people in Haiti become rap Gods in the USA . . .but getting attention from American audiences in the hip hop arena can prove to be successful and worth while. Young Gifted can come up from a hidden community and confront the mainstream after utilizing networks that most Americans find entertaining and comfortable comprehending. Americans can link onto entertainers of all genres and get to know them – a resource many Haitians never had before the internet became a sea of media attention.
He often ventures into other countries and enjoys life the way most individuals do, Young Gifted might become a new icon for Haiti and the world to tune into as a media gift from the internet. If you happen to bump into a video by Young Gifted . .or find his soundcloud via google . . .you’ll hear someone who has lived and struggled with the wrong side of the law. His lyrics mimic his new philosophy in life – living with pride and investing in a career most prudent businessmen would admire .

12187777_939149266165245_7627804100932156390_n copyYoung Gifted Is Promoted by Next Generation Hits And V.M.P. Entertainment. @vmpenter.

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