Cocky Streetz – 2Moneyz

Cocky Streetz comes with a fresh banger that is sure to inspire people to get on their grind to make some money. We get modern day sounding vocals with fresh production on this song. The visuals are on par, very professional and crisp. The song “2Moneyz” is about a person that has more than just one job or more than just one hustle. Very relatable to most hard working people in the current field they’re in. Cocky Streetz likes to focus on having his own sound and being different from any other artist. He has a good image that our team really enjoys and we hope to hear more from him soon!Screenshot_2015-09-24-15-58-00-1-1 Follow of Cocky Streetz social media links and show some love!

Cocky Streetz – 2Moneyz (Official Video)

Cocky Streetz – All My Life (Official Video)

Twitter: @Cocky_Streetz

I.G: @CockyStreetz



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