Young Gifted

Young Gifted is one of our new favorite artists. We’re loving his unique style. His flow is very smooth and his delivery is on point. We’re loving the large body of work he’s been bringing to the table. If you scroll through his Soundcloud, you’re gonna notice a plethora of well produced and recorded songs … More Young Gifted

TC : Hop/Rap Artist. From Long Island, NY – currently in PSL, FL

TC is a new talent we just came across recently. A young rapper who has excellent flow and meaningful lyrics. The Rapid poetic delivery he shows us with precision is certain to be recognized in the near future. In his music we get straight bars about things going on in his life and sometimes aspects … More TC : Hop/Rap Artist. From Long Island, NY – currently in PSL, FL

With a beautiful instrumental produced by Tom Misch, we get smooth flows and excellent lyricism from DJ Dippel & J. Malik. One of the key things about this track that stood out was the lyrics. Very uplifting and positive. the “All we need is a vibe” adilb at the end gives the song a very … More

Young Zoney Zone

Young Zoney Zone is the newest artist we have come to love. Infusing a soulful sound with great lyrics, Young Zoney Zane has  a solid body of music. When you first hear him, you will be taken off guard of how comfortable he is on the mic. Effortlessly combining phrases and different words to give you … More Young Zoney Zone