Exclusive Interview    Bio: We are NITEMAR. Hip/hop rap group out of Lincoln, NE Just making music together and having fun doing it as a team   New projects? No plans for ant projects yet we’ve been focusing on releasing a song a week on SoundCloud every Wednesday and giving each song its own … More NITEMAR

RHYMADICS Exclusive Interview  Who are your top 5 influences  Eminem  Beatsie Boys LLcool J Rakim Royce DA 59 When are your new projects coming out?   Just released 3 singles on 16 platforms “Pure Intellect”  “Reign Forth”   “The Heat”  filming some videos for them Rhymadics debut Album Rhymadics Single Featuring Kid Vishis 2020 What helped you get into music?  … More RHYMADICS

Sean Wright

Exclusive Interview  BIO: Sean began drums at age 2 & producing at age 12. Musicality in his blood wasn’t a choice, grew up in a family full of musicians. His unique eclectic style extends from his background of playing in church with a father that believed In feeding him necessary music to be a complete … More Sean Wright


Exclusive Interview  Bio Glytch is an American Alternative Rock group founded in Owings Mills, Maryland by Lead Guitarist, Dave Anderson. Glytch is the culmination of several previous projects lead by Dave, Alex and Joe who joined forces with the Goldsmith brothers, Stephen and Rob. Joe, a former guitar player is now leading the charge on the … More Glytch

Tha Paperboy

Exclusive Interview    BIO: Tha Paperboy; Born in Kalamazoo, MI where he was raised until 16 yrs of age. 1st picked up the pen at 12. It wasnt until the move from Kalamazoo to Elkhart, IN when I started music seriously. Since 2009 I have done opening acts and/or Hosted Shows for many mainstream artists … More Tha Paperboy


  Exclusive Interview    Bio: Cynopsiiis Just a rapper displaying skill and showing people that real rap still exists. Cynopsiiis is spelled that way as an entendre it is an acronym of my name as it also means your hearing my story. Charles Yoakum is my name btw … Now about me I have just … More Cynopsiiis


  Exclusive Interview    Give us your bio: Producer name: [XAV13R] SC: Age: 27 Location: Philly, PA   Who are your top 5 influences? 1. Metro Boomin 2. Murda Beatz 3. Travis Scott 4. Migos 5. A ton of different metal music from growing up   When are your new projects coming out? I’m … More [XAV13R]


Exclusive Interview      Ackronem is an established independent hip hop artist from the twin cities. A producer, rapper and engineer Ack has his hands in a lot of different projects. He has opened up for Joell Ortiz, RA the Rugged Man, Blackalicious, Mac Lethal, gone on a Midwest tour with Carnage the Executioner many … More Ackronem


Exclusive Interview  BIO Invigorating and energetic international recording artist, Tocarra (a.k.a. TK), has quickly become one of the most popular artists in the music scene. With her astounding melodic rapping abilities, lyrical content and rising popularity, her musical ambition continues to grow as her distinctive style developed. She is ready to take the world by … More TocarraMusik


Exclusive Interview  Bio:  Hello, my name is Seth.  I am an artist from the Greater Lansing Area in Michigan.  I have always loved music as far back as I can remember.  I started playing the drums to Heavy Metal music then switched into Electronic music when I got my first Drum Machine.  I like to … More Seth