Doubt Johnson

 Exclusive Interview  BIO DouBt is more than the average rapper with a microphone and a mixtape, the Chicago artist could possibly be one of the best emcees to blossom from the midwest. The best way to describe DouBt would be his unique blend of hip hops past, present, and future in one remarkable moment. DouBt aka … More Doubt Johnson


  Exclusive Interview    Top 5 Influences? Damn man, I have a lot of people I adore within music itself, everything from AZ and Currensy to Murs & Mos Def but stylistically who do I resemble or feel like I take something personally away from? Top 5 would have to be 1. Lil Peep 2. … More HexXx


Exclusive Interview  Top 5 influences? Old Eminem Grieves Aesop Rock Atmosphere Sage Francis New projects? I’m in the process of mixing my new album that will be out sometime this year. What got you into music? I grew up in a broken home and it really messed with my mental stability. The first place I … More SinsHere

Macho Mil

  Exclusive Interview    Top 5 Influences? Tupac, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Nas, 50 cent   New Projects? My newest project bound to happen is available for pre-order March 24th and available for streaming and purchase April 20th.   What got you into music? I got into music because I wanted to make music for myself.With all … More Macho Mil

Dreamer Beats

Bio: Lazar Stankovic aka Dreamer Beats was born in Serbia on September 3rd 1998. He has been a part of the Hip-Hop culture since a young teen, especially being a fan of Old School Hip hop. But it wasn’t until he heard Tupac Amaru Shakur that everything started for him. When Lazar was only 8 … More Dreamer Beats


Exclusive Interview       Top 5 Influences? Michael Jackson, New Edition, Chris brown, Tupac, and Future.   New Projects? Will be released in July 2018 currently workin on a mixtape called “Appreciation”.   What got you into music? Writing my own music when I was younger help me get into music as I got older I … More RATCH33SE


  Exclusive Interview    BIO  Well I was born in park city hospital on March 29th 1990 in Bridgeport ct were I grew up I live there for 15 years with my mother as my father left when I was about 2 years old so I guess that’s were my story really begin but as … More Ari3z


Exclusive Interview    Bio: My name is ZETA pronounced zay-duh! I’m a new coming female rap artist straight out the 505 with high hopes to inspire, motivate and strike a memorable impression on anyone who can enjoy or relate to my music.   Top 5 influences? Mac miller Kendrick Lamar J Cole Wiz Khalifa Robb … More ZETV

Bam Ambrose

Exclusive Interview  Top 5 Influences? –Dr Dre,Missy Elliot,Timberland,Swiis Beats,Outcast,Twista New Projects?– Ol School,Rushing Through Life,My Life Kno My Name,Sicwitit, What helped you get into music?..Being around music my whole life. My mother was n the choir and i was also in band. Simply put pure love and passion for music…. Anything to tell your fans? … More Bam Ambrose


Exclusive Interview    BIO I’m an up and coming hip hop and rap artist from Chicago with a deep and vivid lyrical style, while combining a classic and modern hip hop influence. I’ve been rapping since I was 7 and I recorded my first song when I was 17. Lately my intentions are to connect … More Mero